Scary Prank Neighbor’s House

I was about 12 and living in Baker City in Oregon. There had been a series seemingly random housefires that were popping up all over town over about a week.

I was at the neighbor’s house. She was a nice lady and used to hang out with us kids.

Anyway we were listening to some new music, Rancid I think, and out of nowhere she stops the music and said, “Hey, check this out, somebody left this message on my machine today,” and presses play on the answering machine. it was a grate scary prank

A voice came out of the answering machine that sounded unlike anything I had heard before. It was a shrill, high pitched voice that aounded kind of like Doom from Roger Rabbit. The voice said “I start fires!” Then click, and that was it. It gave me goosebumps, and made it a little hard to sleep over the next few nights.

They never caught the dude though.

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